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What a place to live and work | Ropers Locksmiths Seaburn Sunderland

What a place to live and work - Seaburn Sunderland

Hi, it's Andy from Ropers Locksmiths Seaburn Sunderland with a quick message. “How good is it to live and work in Seaburn and Roker with all that's on offer on our doorstep”.

We have a fantastic transport hub including the Metro system and multiple bus services. We have LOCAL shopping services along Fulwell Road and Sea Road, numerous pubs, restaurants, hotels and of course the beach running all the way from Whitburn, Seaburn and Roker.

Now that lockdown is easing and we are getting some of our freedom back from the arch nemesis of Covid 19, Let's get out and help support the local businesses of Seaburn Sunderland.

My personal preference when socialising is to stay local in Seaburn and Roker and help support local pubs, restaurants and cafes who have suffered massively during the repeated lockdowns rather than using the big chains. Some of my favourite restaurants in the Seaburn area are:

Some of the local Seaburn and Roker pubs and bars which tickle my fancy are:

Just before Covid locked everything down we had the Stack open up and then close until the recent relaxation. It has now reopened and it sits pride of place in Seaburn.

So come on and lets spend a few quid on our great local companies and bring the community spirit back with a bang.

Now after going out for a nice walk, pint or meal and you return home to discover that you can't find your house keys……arrrghhh you're locked out.

Don't worry, Give Andy a look up at or call him on 07368313149 and he will pop round to sort the problem out without a fuss

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Jul 25, 2021

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