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About Ropers Locksmiths Seaburn Sunderland

Ropers Locksmiths Seaburn Sunderland are a local family locksmith business based in Seaburn Dene in Sunderland Tyne and Wear.


Ropers Locksmiths is a 24hr emergency locksmith service offered by retired police officer Andy Roper who has served the public as a police officer for 27 years and more than 20 years in crime investigations including burglary. Now retired from the police service Andy operates Ropers Locksmiths from Seaburn in Sunderland as a small local mobile locksmith business.


Andy understands the issues the public face when it come to home security issues, fraudulent locksmith practices and rogue traders with unfair pricing to home insurance compliance such as making sure you have the right locks fitted the right way. Andy has spent 20 years looking at forensic investigation into burglary. He has specialised in burglary and dealing with insurance related issues, meaning Andy can give a complete service, advice which you can trust and he is the only locksmith of his kind in Sunderland. Andy also specialised in covert entry and can gain entry to any lock without damage no matter the level of security.


At Ropers Locksmiths, we believe in the motto "a customer is for life" and for that reason we offer the best in pricing and locksmith skill sets to help save you money with continued training be undertaken to better our knowledge and skills in an ever evolving locksmith industry.


Andy is highly qualified professional locksmith that aims to keep a relationship with his clients such as landlords, the police, council, estate agents, letting companies and so much more. This means we don't hit customers with huge bills. We have heard and seen first hand the scams of locksmiths using google ads to find a locksmith who attends then for what we would charge £45 for they charge over £350 and even being threatening. Ropers locksmiths will also give you a quote on the phone or even attend for free to give you a no obligation quote face to face. We are willing to beat any prices quoted and offer more for your money as we know at the end of the job Ropers has the best labour prices in the Sunderland area.

Andy Roper, Locksmith in Seaburn Sunderl
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Ropers Locksmiths Pricing Guide!  - No VAT - Low Cost Labour - Full Warranty - 24 Hour Service
  • labour Fee from £44.99 per job or hour!

  • Locks from £10.99 to  £79.99

  • Multi-Point Mechs from £21.99 to £250

  • Handles from £29.99 to £89.99

  • Door Servicing from £29.99 no labour fee!

  • Locked out or in £44.99

  • Broken key extraction £44.99

  • Entry to High Security, 3 star locks or diamond rated - (call for pricing)

  • Window handles opening £24.99

How Does The Pricing Work?

Its simple, we have a base price known as a labour fee, this can either be an hourly rate or a one off fee. 

 Let's say you need a upvc door lock opened and changed during the hous of 9am till 5pm Mon - Friday due to lost keys, that would look like this - £44.99 labour and £24.99 for a new lock with 3 keys, plus a FREE door service worth £29.99 with all lock changes. No VAT charge! Total = £69.98

Outside of the times 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday we either use a call out fee from £25 or time plus such as time and quarter or time and a half, that means labour will be £44.99 plus a quarter or half on top. So Saturday / Sunday 9am - 5pm job would be time and a quarter which is £56.23 per hour.

Wood Doors / Mortice / Night Latch
  • labour Fee from £54.99 per job or hour!

  • Locks from £15.99

  • Mortice Escape Locks from £21.99

  • Mortice and Cylinder sets from £34.99

  • Handles from £19.99

  • Night Latch Cylinders from £19.99

  • Night Latch system from £24.99

  • Door Servicing from £29.99 no labour fee!

Other Residential Locks
Call Out Fee Pricing
  • Garage Door Lock Entry from £44.99

  • Garage Door Locks from £29.99

  • Digital Locks from £69.99

  • Home Safes Fitted from £129.99

  • Padlock opening £44.99

  • Metal Gate Cylinder Locks from £24.99

  • Key Duplication from £4.99

  • Spare Keys from £4.99

We do not use a call out fee on top of a double time or time and half etc. Its either or. You would add this fee to the bill.

5pm - 8pm - £25

8pm - 12am £50

12am - 6am £100

6am - 9am £25 

About Ropers Locksmiths Seaburn Sunderland - Our History

Ropers Locksmiths Sundeland.webp

The Royal Navy

I joined the royal navy as a weapons engineer mechanic (WEM “O”).

Initial training was at HMS Raleigh, where I was fortunate enough to win an award for best recruit at the passing out parade (graduation).

At Sea

2 years I served aboard a warship - HMS Ambuscade as a weapon engineer. This an original picture taken from the Royal Yacht of HMS Ambuscade sailing alongside the yacht. The crew (including me) dressed in tropics uniform saluting her majesty the Queen and Prince Phillip.


The Police

joined Northumbria police as a police constable based in Sunderland. This would be my life for the next 27 years. I enjoyed a fruitful career with Northumbria police and experience a wide range of duties including uniformed response officer, community officer, CID officer based locally and within complex crimes teams.

Andy Roper, Locksmith in Seaburn Sunderl


During my years in the police I studied many locksmith skills such as covert lock entry, rapid entry and have been taught by some of the best locksmiths in he UK. I am also a Guild of Master Locksmiths Member and studied under master locksmith Steve Taylor. I now specilise in locksmith work that 99% of locksmiths can't handle due to the levels of skill required.

I have had a long history, most of my life from age 16 serving Queen and Country, from serving in the Royal Navy which taught me many skills that I still use today as a locksmith to actually being out at sea for 2 years on the Warship HMS Ambuscade and you can imagine I am always on time and no job is a task no matter how big or small. I went to join the Northumbria Police where I served for 27 years. In that time I learned about criminals, the psychology of how they operate and what weaknesses they look for when it comes to burglary. During my time in the police I was lucky to have worked alongside some of the UK best locksmiths who taught me many skills from high security lock picking and dealing with military grade locks to decoding locks and imprinting for covert entry. As part of my carrier I worked in covert operations and had to learn the skills of covert entry which means I can gain access to all locks no matter the level of security without any force. I have been lucky enough in my time on the police to under take many locksmith programs but It was not until my retirement after 27 years in the police that I decided that I wanted to follow my passion for the art of locksmithing and I decided to set up Ropers Locksmiths Seaburn Sunderland. To do this I needed one of the best in the business and contacted Steve Taylor who is a 3rd generation master locksmith from the family business Taylor and Son who were established in 1948. Me and Steve have worked together now since my retirement. I have shadowed him and his head locksmiths learning in the form of an apprentice. Steve has taught me the old way of locksmithing for over 30 weeks of training. Lening the lost skills of the trade to being able to make my own locksmith tools to the modern multi-point locking systems which I know specialise in for UPVC and Composite doors and technical entry to such doors. Steve and his team taught me all access points for non invasive entry to failed doors that does not damage any of the hinges or frame to dealing with collapsed mechanisms which 99% of locksmiths would walk away from and advise you to buy a new door. However Ropers have been taught the right way. Not on some 3 or 5 day course which 97% of the current locksmiths have undertaken which always results in the customer paying more for there lack in skill and knowledge. 

Today Ropers Locksmiths are mobile locksmith service based in Seaburn Sunderland Tyne and Wear UK. I offer a full 24 hour emergency locksmith service. You can call myself directly on 07368313149 and ask for Andy. I am always happy to help. 

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